Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Federal Conservatives Need Some Writers With An Ear To The Ground.

The Oxford on-line compact dictionary defines a word that would end this irrelevancy; Lapdog: • noun .. 2. a person who is completely under the influence of another.

What Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay should have said early the morning of October 20th, at a press conference he should have called was; 'What I meant to say is that Ms. Stronach is a Lapdog for the Party opposite.'

End of story.

Instead his continuing denials have only incensed MP's who heard him say it; and convinced the electorate he has something to hide - as with no information people assume the worst - perhaps that he is a misogynist.

So, the Harperites understand control of information but even with that, having no ear to the ground, they appear to be suffering from an ivory tower syndrome. Now they appear as a whole to be liers, surrounded by so many half truths, they can't separate the truth in their own minds and thus don't know where to begin.

Sometimes silence is golden, sometimes it's just more bad ink.

Photos: CBC.ca


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